Gypsy Clothes

Gypsy Clothes

Located Rear 268 Main Street

Great Barrington, MA

(413) 644-0100

We bring the same principles of creativity, quality, and affordability that guide everything we do with food at The Gypsy Joynt Cafe to The Gypsy Joynt Clothing Company.  The clothes we sell are the kind of clothes we want to wear: they are artful, organic, made with care, and very reasonably priced.  What we wear helps us on the groovy, free-spirited carnival ride of life..  We say be inspired, be yourself.

Photo: Lori Weller

We have spent a lot of time searching out clothing and accessories for men and women made around the world by socially-responsible, fair-trade companies who pay their employees decent wages. We say fair trade, not free trade. More than 30% of our products are fair trade.

Photo: Hayley Weller

Our rent is reasonable, our overhead is low, and we are committed to a minimal mark-up. When our large family goes shopping, we’re very much like yours: looking for great things that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Well, we’ve created a whole store filled with wonderful things: organic cotton blouses and shirts from India and Africa; ingenuous wallets made in Colorado from recycled duct-tape, and utility bags made with tarp and felt; we’ve got tee-shirts, hats, and handbags, baskets and bangles.

Kaitlin Wondering Whether She Needs A Basket Or A Bangle – Photo: Lori Weller

Come see us at The Gypsy Joynt Clothing Company. We’ve got a world of Gypsy Joynt Clothing & Gypsy Joynt Things waiting for you.



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